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Covid-19 has hit everyone straight through the heart.

At Highest Good, we believe that now is a great time to cultivate wellbeing habits for


Are you in?

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From 30-minute 'Lunch n 'Learn' mini-workshops, to longer, more in-depth webinars, we deliver science-backed mental wellbeing training around Self-Kindness, Gratitude and Happiness. We take an inclusive, tailored approach so that each client enjoys their learning and gets the most out of it.

Parties for the Heart & Soul

Party like it's You O'Clock! Sometimes celebrating ourselves needs a more heartfelt touch. We can plan and run parties around Happiness, Gratitude and Self-Kindness!
Learn powerful techniques to uplift you  through the science and practice of Happiness, Gratitude, Self-Kindness and Mindfulness. All workshops are currently available online, and are interactive and creative with an optional spiritual element to enrich you even further!
Whether you need wellbeing content for your website, a Personal Empowerment Poem to uplift you, or simply someone to spin your thoughts into gold, we love a linguistic challenge.
About Me

I'm a Divine soul in a human body, just like you. I've struggled with life's ups and downs since my teens and have felt like I didn't belong here. I spent much of my 20s and 30s searching for a single key to life, and found to my surprise and delight that, in fact, everyone has their own set of keys! While there may not be a single secret upon which to focus your energy, there is a colossal treasury of wisdom to suit all souls. I have taken the time to get to know myself and find out what's good for me, but the question is, do you know what's good for YOU?


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