Gratitude Gamechanger

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In the fast-paced, highly pressurised world of work, we focus on targets and results.

But at what cost?

It can be hard to find the time to take care of ourselves, and this can lead to stress and burn out, unless we learn strategies that can help counteract or even prevent it.

One such strategy is the practice of Gratitude.

Research shows that practicing gratitude regularly can not only have a ripple effect on wellbeing, but on productivity, motivation and relationships. Scientific evidence shows that hormones released while practicing Gratitude can actually inhibit stress hormones.

Gratitude Gamechanger workshops offer empowerment to teams and communities to create their own Gratitude practices and Toolkit, tailored to their community. I provide this through interactive workshops, team building activities and group creative installations, which can help:

  • Dissolve stress

  • Evoke a positive focus

  • Improve working relationships

  • Increase motivation and productivity

  • Improve happiness and wellbeing.

I also offer Team Uplift workshops, which focus on learning how to uplift yourself and each other during stressful and challenging times. They include content around Stress and the Negativity Bias (and creating a Positivity Bias!), Gratitude, Self-Compassion and Kindfulness.

Email or call 07932 499797 if you’d like to find out how I can serve your team or community.

Read about the Greater Good Science Center's study on Gratitude at work.

About Me

I'm a Divine soul in a human body, just like you. I've struggled with life's ups and downs since my teens and have felt like I didn't belong here. I spent much of my 20s and 30s searching for a single key to life, and found to my surprise and delight that, in fact, everyone has their own set of keys! While there may not be a single secret upon which to focus your energy, there is a colossal treasury of wisdom to suit all souls. I have taken the time to get to know myself and find out what's good for me, but the question is, do you know what's good for YOU?


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