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Day 2 - Is Buffering Really Suffering?

So today I noticed myself doing the impatient finger drumming thing. You know, the one when your computer screen is playing 'Let's take 30 seconds to open a document/load a page/open an app".

I mean, how rude!

How inconsiderate of this highly sophisticated piece of equipment to deliberately make me wait, doesn't it know I'm terribly busy and important? With a million and one things to do?

But is buffering really suffering?

This is actually a line from The Gratitude Song that Geri O'Regan and I wrote last year, for The Passage homeless charity. And the intention was similar to this blog, with the added bonus of inviting people to pay forward their Gratitude by donating to this amazing charity. More about that soon.

So what am I grateful for today? I could say any one of the following things:

Having a working computer

Having the freedom to express myself freely

Having a job that enables me to realise my purpose

Having a job

Having a whole host of skills without which I would need to rely on an entire team of people

I could unpack these ideas further by looking at what it took for me to be able to have each of the above.

But today I'd like to dig a little deeper.

I'm grateful for the awareness of the drumming of the fingers. I'm grateful for realising that the negative reaction to 'having to wait' that started its journey from my gut up to my mouth was cut short and cut short quickly. I'm grateful to be able to write the previous sentence, as opposed to living in ignorant bliss of the things I take for granted, like the amazing phenomenon of the internet, right down to the breaths I take every minute. I'm grateful for being awake.

With Gratitude


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