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Day 3 - What does your T-shirt say?

After a hectic but inspiring day being paid to spread love and light today, I anticipated that my motivation to study would be superseded by the desire to chill out on the couch for the rest of the evening.

I was wrong. What a beautiful surprise. Here comes the Gratitude:

Today I am grateful for me. It's been a long, long journey to say this, but:

I love me.

Not just the me that succeeds and does things right and flourishes and loves and is happy.

But all of me.

The me that went through over 15 years of depression thinking there was something wrong with her, but fought tooth and nail to hang on until she crossed that bridge into "I'm going to be OK'sville'.

The me that dropped out of uni after bereavement, the anorexia of a friend and a sheer rejection of her sensitive self made it impossible for her to carry on.

The me that wore a failure coloured T-shirt saying "I'm not academic - I will never finish my degree. Ever."

The me that built herself back up with counselling and therapy that taught her that she is perfect just the way she is, and that it's important to regularly 'Just Be'.

The me that changed her T-shirt to "I'm worth taking time to get to know myself."

The me that knew deep inside that she was born to teach, and started listening to her true self, left her well-paid corporate job, dove in with all her heart and never looked back.

The me that finally learnt to love herself, even more so when she struggles to feel happy.

The me that, after 20 years, is finishing her degree, wearing a T-shirt that says,

"I have infinite possibilities to do ANYTHING I truly want to. Watch me."

What does your T-shirt say?

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I'm a Divine soul in a human body, just like you. I've struggled with life's ups and downs since my teens and have felt like I didn't belong here. I spent much of my 20s and 30s searching for a single key to life, and found to my surprise and delight that, in fact, everyone has their own set of keys! While there may not be a single secret upon which to focus your energy, there is a colossal treasury of wisdom to suit all souls. I have taken the time to get to know myself and find out what's good for me, but the question is, do you know what's good for YOU?


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