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Day 4 - Who Are Your Radiators?

Today I am grateful for many things. But to stay true to myself, a way of life I feel blessed to have learned, I have decided to keep these posts shorter, and here's why.

I am truly grateful for the amazing people in my life.

The ones who give it to me straight. Like today: "I think you're overdoing it."

"But I know it's just a matter of.....and if I just....and I know that it's only...."

"I think you're overdoing it."

"You're right." (Virtual phone hug, followed by huge breath of relief and Gratitude.)

The ones who have a way of not sugar coating, yet still saying things with so much love that I still feel........loved.

The ones who know me. Really know me. Enough to know that I'm serious when I say I want to change the world. And that it's not enough to have created a small pocket of love called Club Gratitude*. That I'm on a mission. And that mission comes from my purpose. And that purpose is to unite people into uplifting those who cannot yet uplift themselves, until they jolly well can.

To all the amazing people in my life, you surround me with light and I could not be the person I am without your unconditional love. Thank You.

So who surrounds YOU with light? Who are your radiators? Gratitude to Andrew Risner for teaching me to manage my drains and embrace my radiators! You radiator, you.

With Gratitude


*Previously Club Sandwich.

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