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Day 5 - Spot the Blessing in Disguise

In January someone went into the back of my car, and today I made what I hoped would be the last loose end in what had felt like a saga of paperwork and financial outlay. At various points during the process I found myself wearing the "This is SUCH an inconvenience!" T-shirt, or the "It's so unjust that I have to spend all this time when it wasn't even my fault" one.

So in the spirit of this blog and learning from my experiences, I'm going to pop behind the screen and change......

I give you.......The I'm Counting My Blessings T-Shirt!

So here goes, a selection from my honour roll of blessings around the accident:

I was shaken but unhurt - in fact the bang gave me a healthy insight into how it might feel to be in something more serious, which deepens my Gratitude and compassion.

The ability to heal myself through meditation.

The ability to simply return to my life, fully functional, with only minor disruption - not having a car for a few weeks not only showed me just how lucky I am, but humbled me into appreciating public transport for the blessing that it is. I can only imagine what walking everywhere would be like!

Having a car that gives me infinite freedom and access to worlds of opportunities.

The experience of dealing with the various companies that deal with these matters, and an understanding of the process, which becomes wisdom for the future, should it become necessary.

The invention of the mobile phone, enabling me to deal with the accident and the aftermath instantly, as opposed to having to trek to a phone box with cash and wait for one to become available.

Discovering an 'On Hold' life hack - a time management technique where I call a company renowned for lengthy call waiting times, put them on speaker and get on with some admin I've been avoiding.

I could go on, but I think you get the picture. Instead, a poem:

And so I end today with this in mind,

And invite you to use a lens of a different kind,

Let not the traditions of society make you blind,

How many hidden blessings will you find?

With Gratitude


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