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Day 6 - Meditation - Your Way or the Highway!

First things first - to stay true to myself and allow enough time for my studies, I'm switching to Blog Bites - shorter nuggets of Gratitude - for the rest of the 21 Day Challenge. I'll revisit topics later on, and please feel free to email me if there's a topic you'd like to discuss around Gratitude.

Today's Blog Bite is.......Meditation.

I used to think there were hard and fast rules around meditation. That if you didn't do it a certain way, or jump through certain hoops, it wouldn't 'work'. I'm so grateful to have discovered that actually, whatever feels right for me is the right way to do it! And now I enjoy it so much more. I don't feel like I have to slavishly wake up earlier, spend hours sitting in uncomfortable positions trying to concentrate yet thinking about all the things I need to get done.

I'm so grateful for the journey I took to reach this realisation, and will share more about it soon, but for now I will say this:

I believe meditation is about saying yes to your unique soul. That has to start with:

1) Allowing yourself time to check in

2) Giving yourself permission to do nothing (including thinking)

3) Finding a space that will allow the above to happen in peace

4) Accepting that it takes practice to just be without judging yourself for struggling to concentrate.

I have practiced more disciplined methods of meditation, and certainly found value in them at certain points in my life. For some people, they are an absolute anchor to sanity as they can prevent overload, and on a more spiritual level, enable regular Divine guidance for those who connect to it.

So, to all those who have helped me on my beautiful journey of meditational enlightenment, I thank you. My heart thanks you. And my soul thanks you. What type of meditation will be your medication?

With Gratitude


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