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Day 7 - Cliché Alert!

Today's blog bite is brought to you courtesy of.....everyone and everything.

Today I am grateful for the energy that is the oxygen that keeps us alive, moves mountains and fuels change.


It really is all around. Truly. Work with me here for a second, for example, on a materialistic level - every synthetic thing in your life has been created, and for that to happen, someone had to design it - that means it's part of someone's dream! I believe that dreams come from love - a love of self and wanting to express that love in the world.

Cue the majestic fanfare to herald this important announcement, because I have been wanting to express this for some time now. However, for fear of encountering the Cliché Police I have held back:

I believe that love is the universal force that binds us all, and that if we could all see the effects of our experiences on our hearts written on our faces, we would be able to love each other so much more easily.

Thank you everyone for bringing so much love to the world, whether it be in the form of material things, music, literary works, art, heartfelt conversations, heartfelt silence, support, acceptance, help, kindness, sacrifice, company.........what can you add to the list?

With Love and Gratitude


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I'm a Divine soul in a human body, just like you. I've struggled with life's ups and downs since my teens and have felt like I didn't belong here. I spent much of my 20s and 30s searching for a single key to life, and found to my surprise and delight that, in fact, everyone has their own set of keys! While there may not be a single secret upon which to focus your energy, there is a colossal treasury of wisdom to suit all souls. I have taken the time to get to know myself and find out what's good for me, but the question is, do you know what's good for YOU?


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