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Day 8 - The Privilege of Choice

Today I would like to appreciate the choices I have in my life. It's truly humbling just how many I get to make every single day of my life.

I wake up, I can choose to get up, or I can stay in bed (of course there are two different sets of consequences!). I can choose to do Yoga, Meditation or breathing exercises, or stay in bed longer - my body will allow to me do either. I have the choice whether to self-care my way into the day by brushing my teeth and have a shower, or to go straight to my wardrobe and select clothes that will not only preserve my dignity, but enable me to express myself, and enhance my confidence. There is always clean, running water to wash with or drink, and luxuriously hot when I need it. I did not realise just how lucky am I until I wrote that, so I''m going to write it again:

There is always clean, running water.

I have never awoken to find that I couldn't shower, drink or brush my teeth. Maybe once or twice when there was a burst pipe. And boy did I feel it then. Suddenly, it became very clear just how spoilt I am to be, pardon the pun, showered with this gift from Mother Earth, who asks for nothing in return.

Wow, will you look at that. We've not even got dressed yet and already I can feel a lump in my throat.

What about food and drink? How many times a day do we get to choose what to eat or drink? How many times do we get to say "No thanks, I don't want any more - I'm full." What a privilege. What about our comfort foods/vices? The ones we know may not be life enhancing - we still get to choose them.

The feeling behind this blog is to invite more joy into the world. I believe that one way to do this is through more consciousness. So, what conscious choices will you make?

With Gratitude


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