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Day 9 - Haven on Earth

Today I want to say a massive thank you to my haven. My flat. The roof over my head. The door that I get to close to keep out undesired energy. The place to which I can retreat after a long, intense day, kick off my shoes, grab a cuppa and go "Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh", and feel instant peace.

I really underestimated the sheer luxury having a home brings. That is until I had a friend stay with me. He needed somewhere for the night, or else he'd have been on the street. Incomprehensible. I cannot imagine having to live in full view of the general public, literally at their mercy. It must be like being a living museum exhibit, but worse. People mostly peering at you, but generally not giving a thought to the fact that they might be invading your personal space - because you have no right to claim it.

My heart honestly breaks when I see people sleeping on the street. It feels so unjust and so unnecessary. I'm not into Gangster Rap but interestingly enough, it was TuPac Shakur* who articulated exactly how I'd been feeling - the fact that there are people living in billion pound mansions with rooms for every mood, when there are people who live on the street, or the fact that there are people with six figure bank accounts when there are people who don't have food. It makes no sense to me. Everyone has the right to basic needs.

And it is my Gratitude for having mine met every single day with no effort, that inspired me to do several things to try to right this wrong in the world. Firstly, inspired by my late Grandmother who was making sandwiches for the homeless, I started Club Sandwich (now Club Gratitude, because we're no longer just about sandwiches!). Secondly, whenever possible, stop and talk to homeless people, even if I haven't got time to offer them food or connect them with a local service - that's the advice from homeless charities (as opposed to just giving them money - in fact they say that even polite/friendly eye contact is a far more respectful response than offering change). I want to see real and lasting change though, and I hope that in the future I will be able to contribute to this.

So thank you my wonderful haven, for keeping me safe, warm, comfortable and housing all my basic needs, as well as the myriad other blessings you bring me every day. What does your home give you?

Thank you for sticking with me so far - I hope you are enjoying digging into your own Gratitude Goldmine. I'm taking a break from posting daily so that I can concentrate on my studies, so watch this space for a belated Day 10 in the near future!

With Gratitude


*Here's a section of the Tupac interview - I do not own the rights to this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c6i9srjNfNI

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