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Day 11 - A Calm Sea Never Made A Skillful Sailor

How are you today? Take a minute to check in. Are you enjoying life? I'm curious, how many of you sail through life enjoying the view, how many feel like you're constantly weathering a storm, and how many of you are somewhere in between?

When I was 15, I fell into a depression, and the only strategy I had at my disposal at the time was to judge and blame myself for the bombardment of negative thoughts and ensuing feelings - which, piled on top of the original negative thoughts, made for a pretty intensely dark experience. That meant that, despite appearances, most of my late teens and twenties felt like I was a very inexperienced sailor navigating her way through some turbulent and unpredictable waters.

What I didn't know at the time, was that it was all part of my journey. The ups and down were writing my story exactly the way it was meant to be, and as a result, I grew to become a strong, emotionally resilient, positive and much happier woman. I learnt so many amazing things on my journey of personal development - many of these I am working on sharing in my 'Spinning Life Into Gold' section - that now my strategy suitcase is bulging.

Thank you brain, for constantly learning, growing and expanding. Thank you for helping me to live a much more conscious and joyful existence. There are others to thank for this, but that, once again, is for another post!

Please do comment or email me if you feel like sharing your experience of being at the helm of the Good Ship <Insert Your Name Here>.

Have a warm and wonderful weekend!

With Gratitude


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