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Day 12 - Wake Up To Tiredness!

I'm going out on a limb today. I'm going to extend gratitude to feeling tired. This means digging a little deeper than usual, but this blog isn't called Gratitude Goldmine for nothing. I invited you to dig deep with me from the start, so let's see what treasure we can find.

I am grateful for feeling tired, because it shows me that my body is alive! Not just alive, but has been working all day, and now has had the decency to say, "Hey, Sarit, I need to rest, assume the position." When I look back at everything my body has done today, it's quite amazing, here's the cream of the crop:


Made a nutritious breakfast

Had conversations with friends and family

Listened to music

Sat still to meditate

Decluttered many old unnecessary things

Released emotions by crying

Had a comforting shower

Read lovely messages


Visited a friend

Wrote this!

So without tiredness, I would keep going until I burned myself out! Thank you, body, for having my back. Thank you brain for noticing the feeling, and listening to my body. Wow, what a team!

There is also a sense of satisfaction that today was really worthwhile. I know sometimes we feel really exhausted, but I invite you to cherish that moment. Who or what else benefited from your tiredness? Who ate from the fruits of your labour?

Have a restful day.

With Gratitude


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