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Day 15 - The Path To Heaven Is Paved With....?


They say the path to hell is paved with good intentions. I disagree. I believe that setting clear, pure and loving intentions is one way to create Heaven on earth. So today I’m giving thanks for my positive intentions.

Heads up, or should I say hearts up, time to get spiritual.

I start every day with a prayer: “Dear universal source of love and light, please help me choose thoughts, words and actions that bring blessings to everyone and everything.”

It sets the tone for every day I live as an opportunity to do good and feel good, to do what's best for myself and others, in the right balance, and it asks this higher presence that I believe exists in us all, to support me in living a happy, healthy life. I am grateful to have found words that empower and uplift me into conscious inspiration every morning, and anytime I feel uncertain or anxious. It’s a life ethic that feels amazing – it feels like home.

I believe it’s connected to the law of attraction – if you express positive intentions, you start to see the results in your mind, and if they can happen in your mental world, they can happen in your physical world. There are undoubtedly reams of scientific research explaining and proving this, but how about a real-life example? I took some time out last year to forge a new career. After 8 months, I finally got some clarity. I held a detailed, positive vision of me already doing my desired job in mind every day for several weeks, and lo and behold, I received an email. Soon after I started in my desired job!

I am grateful for the feeling I get when I passionately express my intentions for the day. I feel my vibration rising, my heart opening and my energy expanding. What a way to start the day, eh?

Whether you believe in a higher presence or not, do you believe in the power of positive intention? Maybe the question isn’t “Do you?”, maybe it’s “Will you choose to?”.

Whatever you choose to believe, I hope it brings you happiness and wellbeing!

With Gratitude


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