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Day 16 - The Wealth Of Health

I know so many people who have some kind of chronic health condition. These people are heroes. My Mum, for example, lives with daily challenges that she simply brushes off as part off life now. I have several friends with MS, who stride through life with a smile every day, but I know that they deal with constant pain. I am awestruck by their bravery.

I remember, a few weeks ago, having the worst migraine I've ever had, and the fear of being stuck with it forever actually made me break down. I am so grateful to have received distance healing from friends and eventually I was able to feel it subside. It truly made me thankful for the health I am so blessed with every day: a fully functioning body that enables me to live my life so freely, without so much as a thought as to how it will happen, strong legs that carry me around, arms and hands that enable my independence and service to others, a wealth of senses that process information and enhance my experience and understanding of life in so many ways, the ability to breathe unaided, and to actively take in breath when I need extra life force - these gifts are immeasurable to me, and while I can never truly know exactly what is responsible for these gifts, I am expressing my Gratitude for them to the Universe, with the belief that it will see the message rightfully home.

In the same breath as I am grateful for my own health and that my challenges are limited to the skin (see my first post - "Are You Getting Your Body's Memos?"), I am sending out a heartfelt request to the Universe to please, please bless each and every person who lives with health challenges. Please surround them with light and heal them for the highest good.

What aspects of your health are grateful for?

With Gratitude,


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