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Day 17 - One Small Step For Womankind

Being a lover of language, I have always enjoyed entertaining the possibilities of etymology, and at one point, I thought that the word 'woman' simply meant a man with a womb. If that were true it would quite easily be #understatementoftheyear.

The differences only begin there.

And so, in honour of International Women's Day, I have decided to take an extended moment to appreciate some of the things I enjoy about being a woman. I mean, I am after all, 'one'. Here are my top picks:

The warm loving energy that bubbles over in my heart and naturally seeks out those who are near

Feeling like a mother to 45 children without having to go through childbirth

Dressing up in a 'frock' and dressing down in a 'lounge suit' and bunny slippers

Allowing myself to feel vulnerable

That I am none of the 'Sex & The City' characters (although I may have a smattering of each of them)

Wearing my strength on my sleeve and standing up for my boundaries

Boxing (and surprising the instructor with my right hook)

Spending time self-caring and pampering myself (or 'Cleopatra Time' as I like to call it) and the sense of self-worth that it reinforces

Not fluttering my eyelashes to get what I want, but asking for it directly, and getting it

Caressing a Cosmopolitan (cocktail!)

Using my superpower of sensitivity for good

That being self-conscious is no longer a barrier to exercise for me

Using my singing voice to instantly access feminine energy

The nurturing space and safety of soul sisterhood - having so many uniquely powerful women around me is truly inspiring

Having a girly giggle

Appreciating the different energies that come with it - the goddess, the mother, the wise one, the warrior etc.

Being unapologetically 'soft and fluffy' and knowing that it is not a weakness.

N.B This list is not exhaustive.

So what do you appreciate about being a woman, or what you see in women?

With Gratitude,


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