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Day 18 - Doing An 'Elsa'

I love the phrase 'Let it go' - it inspires so much freedom, peace, joy, relaxation and above all love. When we let go, we are saying a deep and hearty 'Yes' to ourselves - a great show of self-love. The challenge is, we may be saying yes to our heart and soul, but no to our mind, or to someone else, and as I'm learning more and more, the mind needs to be right! So today I am showing Gratitude to my ability to let go, in spite of resistances of one kind or another.

Over the past few years I have started to build my 'letting go' muscle - quite ironic considering the idea of letting go physically requires the opposite of strength. Mentally, however, it takes a healthy level of self-trust, as well as trust in the universal idea that whatever happens is meant to be (the caviat here for me is bad things happening to good people - I haven't quite cracked the reason for that yet), and that takes.....strength. If you think about it metaphorically, you are walking through life holding onto a variety of beliefs, and the mindsets, thoughts and feelings that go hand in hand with them. If you want to experience more happiness, letting go of things that do not serve you will create space in your mindset and in your heart for more life-enhancing ideas, and therefore energy. Imagine for a moment, the things you hate most in life, the things that scare you, disgust you, make you want to run a mile, and you're walking around carrying these things and their incumbent energy close to you. Not a fun journey, with perhaps an even less fun destination. Now imagine drawing in a deep loving breath, opening your arms and watching these things dissolve and disappear before your eyes - you now have a loving space in front of you that you created for yourself, and an opportunity to embrace new ideas and energy that serves you and generates happiness. How would that feel? There are many exercises and deep visualisations one can do to support the letting go process, but that's for another post, I'm staying on track with my 21-Day Gratitude challenge!

It's time for a roll of honour. What have I let go of so far, in order to live more of a life I love? Here are my top 5:

To explore my writing and charity career, I had to let go of a 'safe and stable' job in education, the wonderful children I served and my lovely colleagues

To enable myself to stick to an exercise routine, I had to let go of the belief that I had to 'grind', get into a strict routine and do it the way others do it - letting go of this meant that I accepted myself as a unique individual, with unique needs and optimum conditions

To receive a higher salary, I had to let go of an old money mindset that I didn't have much to offer the business world

To meet my wonderful man, I had to let go of the belief that I would never meet one

To set up this blog, I had to let go of the very specific shape of success I had in my mind

With all of these, I let go of the idea of perfection! I cannot tell you how liberating that is.

All of these things have resulted in a happier, healthier me. I am thankful for those family members, friends and professionals who have helped me on this journey - Thank you for helping me to open my arms wide and create an open space for the love of the universe to fill it, because that is exactly what it has done.

Have a joyful weekend!

With Gratitude


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