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Day 20 - Who's Writing Your Love Story?

In the next 10 days I have the good fortune to be going to not one, but two weddings. I say good fortune with a hearty smile, but this is a newly formed heartiness. Like most people, my experience of love has been something of a rollercoaster, which meant that my beliefs around it followed suit. My first stop on the Gratitude bus today, then is that I am having a thoroughly enjoyable experience of Love in my life right now. It took nerves of steel, an open mind, an open heart and the patience of many Saints, but I am here, and it feels great, so I am truly grateful.

Love is the universal force that binds us to each other – we were all born with the ability to love, and this fact is what gets me up in the morning – the possibility of spreading love in the world. However, I refer, once again, to the faceless ‘norms’ of society, because most of us, certainly my generation (pre-Millenials!) grew up with Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty leading the way, and let’s face it, the fairytale version has not been serving us, has it?

As intelligent human beings, we have woken up to the fact that fairytales are.....fiction, but it has taken me, for one, several years of reprogramming to lift the veil laid over our eyes by such institutions as Disney, the Rom Com and Hollywood in general.

But I deeply want to believe that it is possible to rip up the old scripts, and write our own. It’s our life after all. It may take an astute awareness of our programming, followed by a desire to follow through and actually change things, but who says we can’t? I for one am determined to write my own love story by communicating lovingly and openly and exploring new ways of doing things that do not rely on someone else’s idea of how love should be. There is no should. There is only what is, and what you want.

So at all future weddings, including my own whenever it comes, I will drink a toast to those brave enough to grow a love from their hearts, and not from the minds of a stranger – because love is about connecting, not being separate.

Have a love-filled week!

With Gratitude


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